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Attend a Health Fair                                                                                                            

Calendar of Fall 2014 Health Fairs

Sept 13, 2014,
  Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center Community Health Fair,  22424 N Birchwood Loop, Chugiak               
  Sept 13, 2014,  Mid-Valley Community Health Fair, 11975 W Mid-Valley Way, Houston, Mid-Valley Senior Center
  Sept 20, 2014,  Manley Hot Springs Community Health Fair, Gladys Dart School, Elliott Hwy, MP 162, Manley Hot Springs
  Sept 25, 2014,  Ted Stevens Airport Community Health Fair, Domestic/So Terminal, Anchorage
  Sept 27, 2014,  P&M (Eagle River) Community Health Fair, P&M Nursery, 21144 Eagle River Road, Eagle River
    Oct  3, 2014,   Fairbanks Senior Center Community Health Fair, NSCoA Senior Center, 1424 Moore St, Fairbanks
    Oct  4, 2014,   Cooper Landing Community Health Fair, 19030 Bean Creek Rd, Cooper Landing
    Oct  4, 2014,   Girdwood Community Health Fair, Girdwood Community Center, 250 Egloff St, Girdwood
   Oct 11, 2014,   Juneau Community Health Fair,  Nugget Mall, Juneau
   Oct 11, 2014,   Delta Junction Community Health Fair, Delta Elementary School, 2659 Nistler Rd, Delta Junction
   Oct 11, 2014,   Hispanic Community Health Fair, Clark Middle School, 150 Bragaw, Anchorage


Wednesday, October 15,2014, 8:00-11:30am   MatSu Senior Center Community Health Fair, 1132 S Chugach, Palmer

                   This fair is a morning, week day fair.  We have many exhibitors scheduled. There will be Foot Care: a great place to get your feet
                   looked at by a knowledgeable group of nurses. Learn how to take care of your feet – especially if you have concerns of diabetes.
                   Let us screen your vision, screen for Glaucoma and check your Blood pressure. Talk with a nurse and join in all the fun and education
                   opportunities provided by all the Health and Safety educators. Some topics will be Diabetes, Cancers, Vitamin D, and auto immune
                   disorders to name a few.

Saturday, October 18, 2014, 8am-Noon    North Pole Community Health Fair, North Pole Plaza Mall, 301 N Santa Claus Lane, North Pole

                  Everyone is welcome to join us at the North Pole health fair.  Low cost, high quality blood tests for anyone over 18 years of age.  Enjoy lots of
                  free health education and preventative screenings available to all ages to include hearing, vision, glaucoma with plans for additional screenings.
                  Take extra time to talk about health concerns with one of our great medical professionals stationed at our Check Out station. We encourage
                  you to join as a volunteer or educator, as well as a participant.

Saturday, October 18, 2014,  9am-1pm     Success by Six Community Health Fair, NorthStar Elementary School, 605 W Fireweed, Anchorage
                         Health educators and exhibitors will be there till 2pm

                        This fair is themed for Families. We will have all our normal adult screenings, educators, blood tests, BP checks and more with a slight twist.
                        We will have the cafeteria set up for kids’ education and activities. The blood draws for those over 18 yrs. of age will be in the gym. We will also
                        have Vision screenings for all ages, Glaucoma screenings, and health & safety educators for all ages also in the gym or art room.  We hope
                        to have hands on emergency equipment available to see up close.

Wednesday, October 22,2014, 7:30-10am  Credit Union 1 Community Health Fair, 1941 Abbott Road, Anchorage
                  Join us for the annual Credit Union 1 health fair! The Alaska Health Fair low cost blood testing will be available for those over 18 years
                  of age.  There will be lots of free health and safety education as well as preventative screenings for all ages.  The Mobile Mammography
                  van will be present – call 212-3151 to schedule your appointment.  Flu shots will also be available.

Friday, October 24, 2014,  7am - Noon (blood tests)     Nome Community Health Fair,  Nome Recreation Center, 208 E 6th Ave
Thursday, October 23, 2014, 3-7pm  Oct 24, 9am-1pm  Health education and exhibitors                                

                  Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy lots of free health education and preventative screenings for all ages. Exhibitors will be open to the
                  public Thursday, 10/23 from 3-7pm and during the health fair on Friday from 9am-1pm.
  Height/Weight/BMI/Waist Circumference, blood
                  pressure, hearing, vision, glaucoma screenings, talk with a nurse at the check out station and much more.  The event offers low cost, high
                  quality blood tests for anyone over 18 years of age.  Remind family members and friends and neighbors to Save the Date!

Saturday, October 25, 2014, 8am-1pm     Bethel Community Health Fair, Yupiit Piciryarait Cultural Center, Bethel

                  This is the only place to be.   Free Flu Shots will be available as well as vision screenings, Glaucoma screenings, low cost blood tests
                  for those over 18, height & weight & body circumference. Many local groups and organizations will be there as educators on a variety
                  of health and safety topics. See you there.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 7:30-10:30am   Credit Union 1 Community Health Fair, 1453 University Ave South, Fairbanks

                  Open to everyone! Attend the final Fairbanks North Star Borough health fair of our Fall 2014 season.  Low cost, high quality blood tests for
                  anyone over 18 years of age.  Enjoy lots of preventative screenings for all ages: Height/Weight/BMI/Waist Circumference, Blood Pressure, Vision,
                  Glaucoma, Hearing, with plans for more, visit our Check Out station to talk with one of the medical professionals.  Talk with a variety of great
                  health and safety educators.

Saturday, November 1, 2014,  9am-1pm       Kenai Peninsula College Community Health Fair, KPC College, Soldotna
                         Health educators and exhibitors will be there till 3 pm

                  We have two health fairs at the Kenai Peninsula College in Soldotna. One in the spring and this one, in the fall.  The exact location will be
                  published as soon as which building is available is determined by the College. We will have signs along the two roads leading to the college
                  to assist with the directions.  Some of the educators will be Prostate Cancer, Diabetes.  Come have your Blood drawn, vision and glaucoma
                  screened. Learn about many health issues, nutrition and exercise. Get your height, weight and waist circumference.

Saturday, Nov 8, 2014, 8am-11am - Blood Draw,   Barrow Community Health Fair, Piuraagvik Recreation Center, 2026 Ahkovak St, Barrow
                                      9am-1pm - Exhibitors 

                 Come enjoy lots of free health education & preventative screenings for all ages (Blood Pressure, Height/Weight/BMI/Waist Circumference
                 and more). Low cost, high quality blood tests for anyone over 18 years of age. Encourage family, friends and neighbors to attend this event.

Saturday, November 15, 2014, 8am-Noon    University Center Community Health Fair, 3901 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage
                     This is the LAST health fair of the season. No other health fairs until February 2015. Don’t pass this one up.  We will be filling the
              University Center Mall up with all kinds of health and safety educators. Lots of chances to learn something new. Low cost Blood
              tests for those 18 yrs. or older, free blood pressure checks, vision and glaucoma screenings, nutrition, exercise education, diabetes,
              and kidney disorders are only a taste of what will be available.  . Mobil Mammography is available at this fair.
              Make your appointment today by calling 212-3151 or toll free 888-458-3151. Payment assistance can be available for those in need.

Sitka Community Health Fair has been postponed until March 14, 2015.  We'll see in the Spring.

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